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Overcoming Stage Fright As a Professional Musician Or Entertainer, and Adapting to the Situation

There has been many famous entertainers, actors and musicians, that have had a serious case of stage fright sometime in their careers. This feeling of nervousness and nausea can be exhilarating and paralyzing at the same time. Why do these feelings emerge and why do some people get them and others don't?

The fact of the matter is we all have these feelings. Some people can suppress these feelings of anxiety while others can not.

Can you remember your first book report? This could have been in the third or fourth grade. The teacher called on you to give your report on the book you read, and you felt a knot in your stomach and throat, and the beads of sweat on your forehead began to form over your brows. You could barely mutter a word, and the experience seemed to last an eternity. I am sure you do.

Well I have had many of these experiences myself, and have come to realize a certain pattern. These feelings always seemed to emerge when I was not prepared, for the event before me. The feelings of being unsure of myself and lack of confidence, made me feel as if everyone was noticing every move I made, and my mistakes were magnified.

I have come to the conclusion, you should always be well prepared of the task at hand, before you attempt to perform or entertain. Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. You will find yourself reacting instead of thinking about what you need to do. The feelings of insecurity will disappear.

We must first learn, in order to teach, our future actors, entertainers and musicians of the world.