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Photography Career Outlook

Skills Required
A natural inclination towards art and never-ceasing creativity is a high bonus for the working photographer. Having these qualities propels one to increase in experience and jump ranks. Also, the task of dealing with a lot of different people falls in the category of flexibility, therefore acquiring these talents is also a priority. An above average technical know-how of your genre (whether it be Portrait or Nature Photography) is highly prized and expertise in more than one genre is always a good asset to have. A business mind-set as a photographer, apart from the artistic perception, is also an important career building block.

Naturally, photographers who work full time or at least have steady salary, tend to earn more than the self employed photographer. Freelance photography can be very hard to sustain financially, as it cuts holes in one's pockets due to upkeep (maintenance and repair).

There are a few freelance photographers successful enough to do this but it takes more patience to generate enough profit from the work. Intense planning is needed before thinking about buying expensive cameras and other equipment. The average salary for the photographer is estimated around ,000 every year, with as high as ,000 dollar earnings and as low as ,000.

Working Hours
Obviously, the self employed gains the upper hand with this one. The salaried photographer tends to work irregular hours depending on company projects. Long working nights tend to be random and one must get used to this kind of work ethic. The 40 hour a week estimate is the average 5 day breakdown (depending on the nature and genre of the project).

This also tends to vary with different companies so nothing is set in stone.

The principle of photography, or the concept and study of it, goes back at least 2500 years. When the first permanent photo was produced in the early 19th century, the world was changed and it catapulted the evolution of human imagination to great heights and branched into multiple forms and ideas, propelling public exposure of entertainment and education onto the greater mainstream. Nowadays, photography has reached a climax wherein it has evolved into a career building opportunity for people who like to observe and capture moments, either professionally or artistically. It is always a good idea to ask other photographers about their careers and ask advice for a better photographer career outlook.