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Tips To Be A Professional Entertainer and Guide to Start a Profession in Entertainment

If you are a proficient singer and fancy going into the vocation of live entertainer for your full time career there is a list of things you should do first. This is a full guide to becoming a paid vocalist for hire.

The purpose of this discussion is to inspire solo singers who endeavor to sing live vocals on top of a pre-recorded backing track. A singer of this genre would have a tendency to be suited to wedding parties, pubs and social men clubs, birthday functions, christenings to name a few.

To go back to the starting you need to have determined you can actually sing and people tend be entertained by you when you do so. The reason for this is at a performance you will be the focal point of the place and for many of the fans your smiling face is a refreshing break from the ups and downs of a laboring week and they are here to enjoy a drink or two whilst you entertain them.

Evidence of this may take place from when you get up do a song at the karaoke at your local pub and the audience blow up like you’ve just won the X-Factor.

The first off you need to do is work out a range of around 25 songs which suit your voice and are widespread enough to wow a crowd. You should then buy the backing tracks. There are many established providers online which specialise in professional backing music. Now you have the tracks and the confidence in yourself, you now to rehearse. Now I mean weeks of practice, even months. You could stay in your current job whilst you prepare as this is not an overnight process. You must master the songs but also work out your talking between the songs as it is the personal communication between the tracks that will really bring you to the crowd and turn you into an entertainer.

So you now have a repertoire that would make cowell himself proud, you now need to make a little financial investment in your act.

This will eventually pay for itself through gigs but in order to be taken seriously you must come by a- PA System and Speakers, A good wireless microphone, a minidisc player or MP3 player, a good quality lighting rig, an outfit worthy of an on stage gig.

This will be full set up for live performances and when you have along with your own car you are an one man/woman show ready to entertain anytime, anywhere. You can now use this for practice unpaid performances such as a birthday party for a friend where you set up at their place and entertain for experience.

Sooner or later you’ll want to entertain for money at professional gigs. You’ll need to join a music agency who will add you to their books and match you with venues looking for an entertainer. To join an agency you need a promo pack. Again this may involve a little investment financially in yourself but it is well worth it. You need a demo of yourself singing to the backing music. Please don’t use a home laptop with the built in recorder, if you’ve come to this point, rent a day in a recording studio in order to make the best music possible. This will set you apart from the rivals as there are more entertainers out there applying for the same gigs as you want. So with your good song made now you need a picture of you. If you rent a photographer for this also they may be able to give advice on the ideal outfit to wear and particular pose to do etc.

Next you must grab a pen and write a biography for yourself. This should be written in the third person. That means you write as if you’re writing about someone else so you could put things like, Elvis Smith is the foremost entertainer in his genre today. This is your moment to capture the attention of the client so make it noticeable and use the right spelling and grammar.

Attached to the bottom of this should be a set list of your songlist so the agency can match you up to the correct venues so everyone has a great time.
Visit Best One Entertainment for a working registration page and apply via this and other company sites in order to grow your list of contacts. It takes a while to achieve full force in the singing business so I would propose keeping your day job but providing you have the right mentality you can certainly create a career in live entertainment with work and persistence.

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