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Audio Visual Jobs: Tremendous Career Opportunities Beckon

If one has to name industries that are relatively insulated from any kind of recession, the food and entertainment industries come to mind immediately. When was the last time one heard of nobody going to a restaurant to eat, or not going to the theatre or cinema to seek some entertainment. It is not surprising that these industries are well sought after by individuals seeking to make careers in them and they have been motivated to a great extent by the tremendous exposure these industries have been enjoying over the years.

The entertainment industry in particular has had the benefit of huge technological advances that has helped deliver entertainment into the mobile phone of an individual. With so many cable television channels, internet and now the mobile phone market clamouring for program content, the field is nicely set for individuals seeking to look at the entertainment industry from a career perspective. It stands to reason that there is great potential for audio visual jobs in this industry and all those who have some experience, qualification and expertise about recording music, creating music, animations, graphics, voice dubbing, play back singing, editing and so on can confidently look forward to a great career in this industry. Earlier, these requirements were essential and welcomed in the advertising industry and many advertising professionals have had a background of some professional qualification in the above categories.

In addition to the above, maintenance of audio video equipment as an AV technician also has great scope. The technician has to set up, operate and ensure that the equipment works properly at conferences, auditoriums, concerts and so on. He also needs to train his juniors to take care of the show when he is not around.

Script writing, production and managing events are other talents that have a great role to play in the entertainment industry. While script and play writing call for creativity and the ability to come out with something new and interesting, production and managing an event call for other skills like communication, ability to get along with people and quick thinking on feet to make sure that any emergency situations are handled well for the show to go on.

It is naturally difficult to get the job of your choice at the beginning when you do not have sufficient exposure and experience. Many companies would take on only people with adequate experience and would not want to hand over a major responsibility to somebody who only has a qualification to show. That is why it is recommended that you join a smaller unit or agency to learn the ropes.

The TV as well as radio industry provide the ideal set up to learn a variety of audio visual jobs like post production editing, recording, mixing and so on. You will also get to handle different equipment and once you are familiar with them, you gain the confidence to apply for jobs in bigger companies.

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