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Outdoor Entertaining

With the sun shining as bright as it has been over the last week or so in London, there are few places anyone would rather be than outdoors. Tis the season of picnics, board rides and outdoor entertainment. If you're planning a party and want to earn extra brownie points by incorporating sunshine, than why not do it outside? Some ideas are:

1. Afternoon picnic in the park:

Planning a picnic in the park for your friends doesn't require much preparation, money or even thought. Call some friends, buy some fruit, cheese, bread, wine and beers and head over to the park with a nice big picnic blanket. For an extra activity bring some kind of ball to throw or kick around, and maybe some music- live or pre-recorded.

2. Backyard Barbeque:

Those people lucky enough to have a garden or terrace of some kind should go out and buy a barbeque immediately.

Barbequed food is not only delicious, but easy, social and the perfect thing to entertain with- best of all, men can do it too (wink)! Like the picnic, barbeque parties don't have to be expensive or complicated, just buy some burgers, some buns and a few veggie options and you've got yourself a party.

3. Maypole party:

A great spring activity to do in big groups is the maypole. It is a tall wooden pole from which a number of coloured ribbons hang from the top. Each person grabs the end of one and dances around the pole to the sound of folk music. The maypole has its own set of traditions in places like Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland, and the U.S.

4. Organized sports:

For some sports might not seem like traditional entertainment, while for others it is more entertainment than a thousand dinner parties put together.

Arranging a big football game with a group of friends on a nice spring day is a great way to have fun, get some exercise, enjoy the sunshine and be all together. Afterwards you can all go out for some beers and food.

5. Water games:

Depending on your age (and/or maturity level!) you might want to group together your friends and have a massive water fight. In Thailand, New Years is celebrated over a number of days of water fights and there are honestly few things that could be more fun. If water fights aren't what you had in mind, maybe get everyone together at an actual water park.

Of course, the nice weather can also be enjoyed on your own or in a small intimate group. Pagodas, chaise lounges, or even a hammock are all you really need to enjoy your garden.