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Great In Car Entertainment

You're no one in this day and age without your gadgets and many of our visual and audio experiences are coming into the car with us. For many it is as much a case of impressing with their car accessories as it is about actually using them. In fact, owners often seldom turn on many of the gadgets available in their cars, though the fork out plenty of cash. However, what are the best and our favourites?

Wireless Screens

A few years ago the DVD player came into the car and it was a great addition and something that kept the children entertained for hours. However, there was one problem and that was the fact that there were wires absolutely everywhere. The new breed of screens allow you to wirelessly connect from a device, such as a phone or a tablet to a display and so children and adults can watch not only in comfort, but in tidiness.


The DAB radio is something that has slowly made its way into homes in the UK.

The fact that reception is seldom an issue and sound quality is a certainty makes the DAB radio the way forward for radio car accessories. There are also a number of DAB only stations that can't be picked up with analogues sets. This means that a DAB is a great car investment for those who like to be entertained in auto.

IPod Dock

Where would we be without the greatest invention of the 20th century – the iPod? This device revolutionised the way we listen and consume music inside and also outside of the car. Purchasing a good iPod dock for your car is in essence a must. Of course, you want it to be wireless, but also will require it to look great.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent mounts for universal fitting of iPods and the iPhone – meaning tuneless trips are a thing of the past.


Where would your iPod be without the sound of a great stereo? Great in car sound systems are where it's at for entertainment car accessories and don't even have to cost a bunch. Investing in some new sub woofers and speakers can make those commutes an easier and more enjoyable thing to do. Pay a little to get a lot and you'll be sure all the aforementioned car accessories will sound fantastic inside your four wheels and you'll be enjoying yourself to the beat.