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3 Professional Speaking Careers

Being a professional public speaker can be very lucrative and like most careers and disciplines there are specialty areas. So, it is sensible for any professional, including public speakers, to find the department he is most capable and this field determination may come naturally.

Some speak as a primary source of income but it is not uncommon to see businessmen use public speaking as a complementary tool to enhance the promotion of their products or services. In some cases, people will just unknowingly find themselves in the industry.

Here are three types of professional speaking careers, some people do a little but of everything while others are pure specialists.

1. Keynote speakers

Keynote public speakers are one of the highest paid professional speakers along with motivational speakers. Although they are not much different to motivational speakers, they do have some subtle differences.

Keynote speakers do not really need to motivate people but they rather set the mood of the assembly.

They present a mindset that will effectively be very useful to program as a whole. Their primary objective is to set the tone and color of the agenda.

Keynote speakers are fun, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Its important to keep your keynote speeches exciting while trying to charm the crowd with your quick wit and anecdotes.

2. Motivational Speakers

Successful motivational speakers are usually successful individuals. Like keynote speakers they are well compensated for their as professional speeches.

Motivational speakers may be considered as stage gurus. They seem to radiate wisdom and experience. They have a way with words that will inspire you to change your paradigms and deep-rooted beliefs.

Usually, motivational speakers should have their share of success in life; or at least, experienced adversity in life and managed to conquer it.

This is essential because motivational speakers need credibility. Who would want advices and lectures from losers anyway?

Motivational speakers don't need to be funny but humor can sometimes help. Some speakers can be very somber and serious. They bombard the people with grim truths they have learned and they teach the audience how to utilize this knowledge to enrich their lives.

3. Platform speakers

Platform speakers, by virtue, are stage marketers. They are not normally paid to speak to the public but rather they are speaking in behalf of a product. Platform speakers are usually the direct beneficiary of the profits generated from the sold products afterwards. At times, they can be just endorsers and they get a percentage of the revenues.

Platform speakers must be entertaining, humorous, and informative. They must know the technical aspects of the product; it helps a great deal if they truly believe in the product. Platform speakers in general, are salesperson first and public speakers next.