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Self-entertainment And Extracurriculars In Upbringing

Question of a Self-Entertainment

Plenty of a free time does not always lead to bad consequences. Children are creative by their nature, so, they find some other opportunities to entertain themselves. But there are better ways to take their time than allowing them to spend hours in front of a TV or computer. Very often books are not so useful also. Developmental movies or good animations which rise eternal questions are ok, but he/she should not come to a standstill in watching endless stupid cartoon serials. Modern books may dull a child as well as TV does. Mass literature terribly influences readers taste. Very often such books do no content anything real, what one should read. Of course, a child should read or watch TV, but you should carefully pick up his/her list of watching and reading. One may choose some of Disney cartoons, old Soviet animations and movies, animated by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki to show to their children. You should not forget about G, Durrels books, such as The Talking Parcel or My Family and Other Animals, or
stories about wild life written by Vitaly Bianki and many other works.

Choosing Extracurriculars

But very often we do not have a possibility to look after our children in the middle of a work season. School hours are limited and if you need to find an occupation for your children while you are away, you should encourage him/her to start with one of the school extracurriculars. Team sports are very good for childs physical state, playing drums develops sense of rhythm; dances do both. Singing, besides developing pitch, teaches how to behave on public. You may choose one or two of them, but consult your child first. Also you should check if there everything is ok with a team. Your child needs healthy relations and positively aimed comrades.

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