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Successful Life and Career Planning

Each one of us indulge in some or the other activity that helps us to live and grow. We all do something regularly and name it as our 'job' or 'work'. For life cannot continue without work. This 'work', 'job' or 'career' is our source of getting something from life in exchange of our sincerity and commitment to doing something.

Career is one of the most important factors of our life and therefore, needs a lot of attention. Our career and our life are intricately joined together and both need proper planning and a goal to be set. Life and Career planning need to go hand in hand for a happy and healthy life and its means of livelihood.

Work and Life

It is very important for us to have a happy working life because as hard as you try to avoid it, your professional life is bound to affect your personal life, for the common factor, YOU, are the most important in both. So having a happy life requires a satisfying working life as well.

For satisfaction in your working life, you need to plan it carefully and follow it. But before you start your job planning, you must assess yourself and listen to yourself. What is it that you like doing most?

What is it that you do best? Yes, in today's spinning world, every activity has its value and you can turn your hobby or your favourite past time activity into your fully fledged job! What more can you want than earning your livelihood by doing what you love to do or are best at?

What you like best or what you do best?

Each of us is gifted with some particular talent or ability to do something that we are best at. But all of us might not like to do what we do best. You might dance very well but you might just not like doing it. Here is your crossroad. You must understand that job planning is like life planning. It needs long term commitment and an urge to do all you can. And so, it is best that you do what you like to for when we like doing something, we strive to do the best we can in it.

Liking something has an affinity and attraction that pulls us towards it and whatever obstacles may be present, we are sure to overcome these. You can improve your skills by sharpening them and that can be done by practicing well. You can also join classes and courses to acquire more knowledge and skills. So life and career planning - both need to be assessed properly and need to be complementary to each other.

Aren't there any difficulties?

Of course there are. But by life and career planning, you can fight these. When you think you can earn your bread by doing what you like to, you must be aware of the twists and tangles of professionalism. Actual work needs a lot of skill, professionalism, the right attitude, flexibility and the ability to adjust as well as compromise.

Competition is at its highest level, and no one wants you to do your job other than you yourself. Maintaining your career requires strong will power and hard work, proper planning as well as actually following the plans. Also, when you are deciding what to do - what you like doing or what you do best; you must weigh all your possibilities and take no chances. It is very important to be safe in the running scenario today.

So a balance of both is required to achieve success. Either you must try to like what you do best or you must strive to do your best in what you like doing. Your career will need planning for life, for your future and for your needs and abilities.