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Cosmetology Career And Job Overview

A cosmetology career provides a creative outlet. It encompasses various fields that can be specialized, or practiced in a general sense. Many stylists work as independent contractors, the option of setting up in business always exists. There is also the possibility of taking up employment with a spa, salon, hotel, or perhaps in the entertainment industry. The following information should allow you to understand the various fields found within the cosmetology industry, you can decide which area would best match your personal interests and goals.

The biggest field within cosmetology is hair styling. An individual specialized in this area would provide services such as hair cutting, coloring, washing, perming, and styling. It is possible to focus solely on male clients, or female clients, though being comfortable with both can create the largest number of opportunities. If employed in a high end salon, or a large company, you may be expected to devote your time to one area of hair styling, for example coloring or cutting.

Another interesting field is nail care. Today more people are in search of the perfect pedicure and manicure. Creating interesting designs with nail polish can be extremely artistic. Understanding a client's exact needs would be essential. This is a desirable profile, and one that can involve meeting a range of clients.

More people now attend salons and spas in search of assistance with skin care and make up. If this is an area that is of interest to you, it would be necessary to be able to educate clients on how to care for their skin in the right way. Understanding the various skin types and different bone structures is integral to become a respected make up artist. There is a real demand for qualified make up artists in the television and film industries, these are extremely competitive sectors to be employed in and offer ample financial rewards.

Data made available by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that nearly 800,000 people were employed in the cosmetology sector in 2008. Most of these professionals would have attended a training program and passed the necessary state exams. Courses in this field are typically short in duration, often no more than twelve months long.

It is predicted that the number of openings for individuals in a Cosmetology career are expected to grow faster than the average of other industries up until 2018. There will be more demand in certain specializations than in others.

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